Public Notices



Notice is hereby given that a Special Public Hearing will be conducted by the Deuel County Commissioners, acting as the Deuel County Board of Equalization meet at 8:35 a.m. on April 2nd, 2024, at the Deuel County Courthouse, Commissioners Room in Chappell, Nebraska. The purpose of the meeting is to review the Permissive Exemption for the Phelps Hotel in Big Springs, NE. An agenda of such meetings kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the office of the County Clerk, but agenda may be modified at such meeting. Attest: Tammy Sherman, Deuel Co. Clerk.


Notice of Public Hearing

A public hearing on the One (1) and Six (6) Year Road Plan for Deuel County, Nebraska, will be held at the County Courthouse at 718 3rd Street, in the Commissioner Meeting Room at 9:00 AM on April 2, 2024, during the regular meeting.  The purpose of the hearing is to propose to the residents of Deuel County, the One (1) Year Road Plan and the Six (6) Year Road Plan in compliance with Section 39-2155 and 39-2119 of Chapter 39 of the Commutative Supplement of the Revised Statues of Nebraska, 1943.

Copies of the Proposed One (1) and Six (6) Year Road Plan may be studied in the Clerk’s Office at the Deuel County Courthouse, 718 3rd Street, Chappell, NE 69129.  Any interested persons are invited to attend this public hearing. 


To all Deuel County landowners and tenants:

Roadway and intersection visibility is important for the safety of the motoring public. It is illegal to plant crops, including corn, within County rights-of-way. It is prohibited by Nebraska State Statute §39-301 and violators are subject to prosecution. Immediate action by landowners and tenants to clear any obstructions is necessary or the County may remove the obstruction and recover the costs from the responsible party.




According to Nebraska Revised Statute 23-122, a listing of wages and job descriptions must be published between July 15th and August 15th of each calendar year. The following is a list of wages for the month of July 2023, which is on file in the office of the County Clerk.


  • County Assessor, $ 4,333.34 per month.
  • Clerical Assessor, $2450.00 (17.50 per hr.) per month.
  • County Attorney, $4,333.34 per month.
  • Clerical Attorney, $3,000 per month.
  • County Clerk, $ 4,333.34 month.
  • Deputy Clerk, $20.00 hr. (part-time)
  • County Commissioner, $ 1,666.67 per month.
  • County Sheriff, $ 4,970.84 per month.
  • Deputy Sheriff, $25.50 per hr.
  • Deputy Sheriff, $22.00 per hr.
  • Deputy Sheriff, $20.00 per hr. (part-time)
  • Intern Sheriff, $16.00 per hr. (temporary)
  • Clerical, Sheriff, $19.00 per hr.
  • County Planning & Zoning Adm. $371.02 per month.
  • County Treasurer, $ 4,333.34 per month.
  • Deputy Treasurer, $3,208.34 per month
  • Clerical - Regular Full-time $2,310.00 ($16.50 per hr.)
  • Clerical – Regular part-time $15.00 per hr.
  • Highway Supt. $4,795.64 per month
  • Hwy Supervisor $ 4,180.36 per mo. ($24.12 per hr.)  
  • Road Laborer, $3,615.30 per mo. ($20.86 per hr.)
  • Road Laborer, $3,565.40 per mo. ($20.57 per hr.)
  • Road Laborer, $3,452.86 per mo. (19.92 per hr.)
  • Road Laborer, $3,436.02 per mo. (19.82 per hr.)
  • Road Laborer, $3,405.20 per mo. ($19.65 per hr.)
  • Extension Clerical part-time $1918.56 per month.
  • Veteran's Service Officer $850.00 per month.