Planning & Zoning


(308) 874-2608


PO Box 527
Chappell, NE 69129


Michele Bartlett

Zoning Administrator

Deuel County Planning Commission

Dwight Smith-Chairman
Jason Cheleen
Larry McCroden
Justin Julius
Gary Freeman

Deuel County Zoning Regulations

Deuel County Zoning District Map

Building Permit

Utility Permit

Variance / Conditional Use Permit

Building Permit Fee: See Building Permit
Conditional /Variance Fee $100.00

Both Payable to the Deuel County Treasurer.

Mail payments and permits with building plans to:

Deuel County Planning and Zoning
C/O Deuel County Assessor
PO Box 527
Chappell, NE  69129

Please check out the Planning and Zoning website on gWorks at: for more information.