Veteran Benefits


County Benefits

The Deuel County Veterans Service Office offers the following benefits for those veterans who are eligible:

  • County Veterans Aid
  • A Bronze Grave Flag Holder
  • Registration of DD214s
  • Homestead Exemption
  • Grave Registration
  • Benefits Counseling and Advocacy
  • Assistance with the application for State and Federal VA benefits.

County Veterans' Aid Fund

The CVA fund is a temporary emergency fund to assist veterans, their spouses, and dependents when there is an unforeseen emergency and there are no other resources available. Eligible veterans are persons who served on active duty, received an Honorable Discharge, and served during one of the defined "wartime eras" and who have resided in Nebraska for at least one year, and Deuel County for at least six months. Applicants may request assistance with food, shelter, clothing, funeral, medical, dental, and surgical items. The applicant must apply through the County Service Office in Deuel County. This is an "aid" program so the veteran must demonstrate an "inability" to meet the obligation to pay these bills, via an application.

Flag Holders

State of Nebraska statute requires the County Veterans Service Office to provide a flag holder reflecting the veterans wartime era. The Deuel County, Veterans Service Office also annually inventories these flag holders to insure they remains on the correct grave and we replace damaged markers.

Registration of DD214

Deuel County records a "certified copy" of the original copy of a veterans military separation document (DD-214). Once recorded the veteran may call us from any where in the world and we will provide them with a "certified copy" when needed.

Homestead Exemption

Annually, the Deuel County Veterans Service Office obtains a letter from the VA Regional Office that establishes who are eligible veterans (or widows) for a tax exemption on their personal residence. These letters are provided to the County Assessor.

Grave Registration

Upon notification of the burial of a veteran in Deuel County we complete a "grave registration card". We maintain a copy here in Deuel County, and the original is sent to the State of Nebraska, Department of Veteran's Affairs in Lincoln. We also order a "Presidential Memorial Certificate" for the family of all deceased Deuel County veterans.

Phone us at (308) 874-2584 or (308) 874-2433